The best guided motorcycle tour in South America.
Judge for yourself !

An exclusive PeruMotors tour in 2 countries. Why do we dare to say that this is the best guided motorcycle tour of South America?

Well, the tour starts in La Paz, the unofficial capital of Bolivia. Following our way to Potosí, the highest city in the world. Over the 'Altiplano' to the largest salt flats on earth. For more than 120 kilometers we will ride the salt. Down to the highland jungle. If weather permits we will ride the world famous 'Death Road' uphill. Back in La Paz we fly to Arequipa, our hometown in southern Peru.

Back on the motorcycles we ride the PanAmerican Highway northbound, along the Pacific coast. In Nasca we can see the world famous lines from the sky. Then crossing the mighty Andes to the ancient capital of the Inca empire: Cusco. Of course, Machu Picchu, the absolute touristic highlight of South America, is on the itinerary.

This tour is the ultimate combination of motorcycling and famous South American culture.
Come prepared !