EUROPE - 16 days

Discover Europe with PeruMotors


Please note: In 2023 we will ride a complete different route ! ! ! Contact US

In 2019 we discovered Europe for the first time on our motorcycles, during our 15th anniversary tour. It was such a success that we HAVE TO go back. You don't want to miss this tour.

You will not find this tour with any other tour operator: In 16 days motorcycling through 9 European countries. Unparalleled !!!
The tour starts and ends in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland). From there we'll take you riding through Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Italy.
PeruMotors is famous for its unexpected experiences during the guided tours, and that will be the case during this tour, too.

If you want to explore Europe on a motorcycle in a minimum of time, this is your tour !
We go from the trenches of WW I in Belgium to the Stelvio pass in Italy, through the Alps and Germany, to Amsterdam in Holland. Too much to mention !