Ride with PeruMotors in Bolivia !

Is Bolivia still on your 'bucket list'? Now is the time to check it of the list !
With our extensive experience on a motorcycle in Bolivia, we made a 'Bolivia Only' tour. We'd like to think that Bolivia is an underestimated country. This tour starts and finishes in the high altitude city of La Paz. From there we will cross the Altiplano and the salt flats of Uyuni, climb 'Death Road', and see the real capital: Sucre. Follow the Ché trail in the tourist-less interior of Bolivia. A perfect mix of nature, culture and adventure.

In our opinion you can not appreciate Bolivia on a motorcycle completely without riding some dirt- and gravel roads. So, we included about 650 kilometers of unpaved roads. Not enduro style, but you need basic experience on unpaved roads. Nothing to be scared of ! We will guide you through !