The best of Peru's culture and all of the natural diversity of Peru passes by during this exciting motorcycle tour, and places this country in an unparalleled perspective.
From the start in the beautiful colonial city of Arequipa (UNESCO) this tour is a concatenation of highlights. The (mostly) paved roads are just spectacular. Absolute highlight is, of course, the lost Inca-city of Machu Picchu. Another highlight is the 2 night stay in an Amazon Jungle lodge. If you want to get to know Peru, this is your motorcycle tour. Our professional multi-lingual guide will bring you to the well-known places, but he won't forget the less-known little marbles. This is what adventurous motorcycling is about !

In 17 days you will discover what Peru has to offer in cultural and natural beauty. Doing this on a motorcycle gives you an unforgettable experience. And, for your convenience, we've included most of the excursions and entrance fees!

Let's "Saddle Up" !