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How to get a discount on your next tour

In these uncertain times, we'd like to offer you an extraordinary 'Early Bird Special' discount of US$ 250.00 per person.

This is how to take advantage of our offer:

  • Book your (self-)guided motorcycle tour before 31 december 2020.
  • Travel with us before 1 October 2021.
  • Only valid for new bookings.

End of Corona measures in Peru


Due to the Corona-crisis almost the whole world is shut down. This is also the case in Peru. Last week the Peruvian government published the date for re-opening Machu Picchu on 01-AUG-2020. On this date most of the hotels and restaurants will be open, too.

Later that month (August 2020) the international airport of Lima will re-open. PeruMotors is ready to receive our guests.


Good News for US Citizens

Bolivia lifted Visa requirements for Americans

The latest revolution in 2019 in Bolivia resulted in a lift of the visa requirements for US citizens. That can save you a lot of hassle at the border. And at least US$ 160.00.

No more excuses not to explore Bolivia with PeruMotors !


FEATURED TOUR - Essential Peru

You ride, we provide the essentials

This is probably the most economical guided motorcycle tour in Peru. You will  visit all the highlights in Southern Peru, like Machu Picchu, the Nasca Lines and Lake Titicaca. And even more ! The riding is 'out of this world'.
We provide the essentials (motorcycle, hotels, professional guidance, Machu Picchu excursion) for this tour and you decide what you'd like to add.

Economic, but not 'low budget' !


FEATURED TOUR - Peru - Off-Road DeLuxe

Brand New Tour in 2020

Who told you that guided off-road tours have to be basic?

We know you want a good bed and a hot shower after a long day on a dusty road.

Join us in 2020 for the Off-Road DeLuxe tour... on dirt & gravel...