The 7 Wonders of Peru - 17 days


During this tour you will see these 7 beautiful places in Peru:

Machu Picchu - The lost city of the Inca's
The Nasca Lines - Mysterious geoglyphs on the Nasca pampa
Lake Titicaca - The highest navigable lake in the world (3809 m)
Amazon jungle - 'Virgin' rainforest
Cusco - The ancient capitol of the Inca empire
The Sacred Valley of the Inca's - Beautiful fertile valley north of Cusco
Coastal Desert - The driest desert in the world

In Peru you can find it all. And, of course, we do it on roads you'll love as an adventurous motorcyclist. The diversity of roads, nature and culture is enormous. That's why we start our tours in the desert and then over the high Andes to the Amazon rainforest. So, you can experience the many climate-zones of Peru. And, off course, we won't forget the cultural history of this amazing country. During our tours you will meet the local population, see the Inca-culture, but also other old civilizations who lived in South-America and the Spanish colonial heritage.
During this tour you will stay 2 nights in a Jungle Lodge near Puerto Maldonado.


Arrival in Arequipa:
10 May 2014
04 September 2014
Miles / Kilometers:
± 1900 Miles / 3000 Kilometers
Road Surface:
Mainly paved
Minimum number of Participants:
Maximum number of Participants: 12

Not Included:
Fine first- and middle-class hotels with private shower and toilet, standard breakfast included (16 nights) (Intercontinental) Flight to and from Arequipa - Peru
Motor-rent for the whole tour * Fuel and toll
Multi-language professional guide on a motorbike All not mentioned entrance fees for museums, parks, etc.
2-Night stay in a Eco Jungle Lodge (food and excursions included) Motocycle gear
Support-vehicle with driver/mechanic, also for luggage Optional Damage Reduction Insurance
Airport transfers in Arequipa All not mentioned meals
Day trip to Machu Picchu (train, bus and entrance fee) Airport fees
Boat cruise to Uros Floating Islands Personal expenses

Prices standard motorcycle:
Kawasaki KLR650 / Honda NX-4 Falcon
Price Rider:
US$ 5,140.00
Price Non-Riding Passenger:
US$ 3,085.00

Single Room Supplement:
US$ 600.00
Upgrade BMW F 650 GS:
US$ 750.00
UpgradeYamaha XT660Z Teneré: US$ 750.00
Upgrade BMW F 800 GS:
US$ 900.00
Upgrade BMW R 1200 GS:
US$ 1,725.00
Fuel (fixed price) US$ 350.00
Optional Damage Reduction Insurance US$ 225.00 (with an deductable/excess of US$ 500.00)
Safety Deposit - With "Optional Damage Reduction Insurance" US$ 500.00 - Without Optional Insurance US$ 2,500.00

* On resting-days the motorcycles are not available for riding.

Prices are in US Dollars, per person and based upon a double hotelroom occupancy.
Prices are valid until December 31st 2014.

Full description:

Day 1 --- Arrival in Arequipa
The first day you will arrive in Arequipa, the sizzling city in southern Peru. Here we will brief you about the upcoming tour. The rest of the day you can stroll the streets of Arequipa and visit the famous Plaza de Armas and the museums in the 'White City'.

Day 2 --- Arequipa - Puerto Inca
An early 'Rise & Shine', because a long ride lies ahead of us. After 160 km we reach the Pacific coast. We follow the PanAmerican Highway northbound. This spectaculair road brings us in the end of the afternoon to Puerto Inca. Situated close to a natural bay, we stay the night. Close to the hotel you can find very interesting Inca ruins.

Day 3 --- Puerto Inca - Nasca
On our way to Nasca. Still on the PanAmerican Highway northbound. During todays ride you will get the 'Dakar-feel', the wide views and the neverending sand. After 100 km we'll pay a visit to the Chauchilla cemetary. In the afternoon you can fly over the world famous Nasca lines.

Day 4 --- Nasca - Chalhuanca
Just after Nasca starts the ascend into the 'Mighty' Andes. If you have ever ridden the "Tail of the Dragon", you will love the 600 kilometers of twisties and turns. This is llama country. Lunch is in touristless Puquio with a very atractive 'Plaza de Armas' (Main Square). We follow the winding road to Chalhuanca, where we stay the night in a very nice hacienda-like hotel in 'the middle of nowhere'.

Day 5 and 6 --- Chalhuanca - Cusco
Another great riding day across the Andes. We end up in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. The next day starts with the optional world famous "Walking City Tour in Cusco, Powered by PeruMotors". The afternoon is at leisure. There is a lot of Inca stuff to discover and to visit in and around Cusco.
Cusco offers also a vibrant nightlife.

Day 7 --- Cusco - Ollantaytambo
From Cusco we ride into the "Sacred Valley of the Inca's". Along the way we will visit some more Inca ruins. Then, we arrive in Ollantaytambo, famous for its huge Inca fortress.

Day 8 --- Machu Picchu
There is no excisting road to Machu Picchu. That's why our visit will be by train along the Urubamba river. On arrival in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Pueblo) we go by bus to the entrance of the lost city. The Spanish conquistadores never found this place in the jungle and now you know why! An absolute highlight of this tour.

Day 9 --- Ollantaytambo - QuinceMil
Back on the bikes again, on our way to the Amazon rainforest. We hit the InterOceanico (InterOcean Highway), between Peru and Brasil. On the eastern slopes of the Andes we sleep in a little town.

EcoAmazonia LodgeDay 10 and 11 --- QuinceMil - Puerto Maldonado
Today the desend to the Amazon jungle. Late in the afternoon we will arrive in Puerto Maldonado. Here we park the motocycles for 2 nights. 'Local' transportation brings us to a lodge deep in the Amazon Jungle. The next two days is jungle-life. All meals are included here and so are the excursions.

Day 12 --- Puerto Maldonado - San Gaban
In the morning we return by boat to Puerto Maldonado and we start our bikes again. Slowly we ascend back into the Andes. We spend the night in San Gaban in a very basic (!) hostal.

Day 13 and 14 --- San Gaban - Puno
From San Gaban we ascend rapidly back to over 4.000 meters. A beautiful riding day again. Our goal today is the highest navigable lake on earth, Lake Titicaca. We have to pass the big city Juliaca and that feels like crossing New Delhi.
The next day is to explore the famous Lake Titicaca by boat. You can do a whole day tour or a short cruise on the Lake Titicaca. Other options are to ride to an old (pre-)Inca burielground, or just take a resting day.

Day 15 --- Puno - Moquegua
It is time to descend again, but first we have to conquer the Andes eastbound on our motorcycles. We are on our way to Moquegua. Just after the highest point of more than 4.700 meters, the spectacular descend starts to Moquegua, the "Copper Capitol of Peru". This town is situated on a comfortable 1.500 meters.

Day 16 - Moquegua - Arequipa
The last day on the motorcycles. Partially along the Pacific coast the ride goes northbound through the sandy desert. In the afternoon we arrive in the place where it all started 17 days ago, Arequipa.

Day 17 --- Arequipa - Lima
In the morning you'll have all the time to explore this beautiful "White City" once more. In the afternoon the transfer to the airport to get your flight to Lima and your connection to the city of origin.